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Times have changed, and there’s almost no place in a home that shows it more than the kitchen. Many kitchens feel out of date because we’ve changed how we view the kitchen’s purpose in our homes. At some point, we all accepted that the party’s in the kitchen anyway so we might as well consider a kitchen remodeling to make it the hub of the home.

It can be intimidating to take on a kitchen remodel because of the pressure to get it right and make it last. You want a kitchen that’s both more functional and better suited to entertaining. That’s a lot to take on in one project, which is why you want an experienced team behind you.

Londot has decades of experience with kitchen remodeling. From design to installation Londot’s team members have been behind countless kitchen remodels. If you’re looking for a true and transparent partner in this process, Londot Design Build is the contractor for you..

Designing Your Perfect Kitchen

Today’s homeowners want a kitchen with more countertops, fewer walls and enough room for multiple cooks, along with islands, new appliances, and new cabinets.

Londot’s designers understand that while kitchen remodels are often exciting for the new look your home can achieve, functionality has to be taken into account every step of the way. After all, this is where you feed your family and friends. We do not design, install, or endorse any products or building methods that will leave you with a kitchen that needs to be redone again in a few years.

Our trained designers can work collaboratively with you to create permit-ready plans for your kitchen remodeling project. Even if you don’t use Londot for the construction phase, we can handle your designs. We run the same process with our design clients as with our construction clients, just without the construction step at the end. We are not working to sell you on anything. We are working to help you define your vision and execute it beautifully on time and within budget.


The Londot Process Applies to Kitchen Remodels Too!

No matter the size of your project, we take the same steady approach every time. A kitchen remodel gets the same careful attention as an entire home rebuild or commercial project. Here’s a walkthrough of our process, aimed to promote transparency and partnership between us and our clients:

Step 1: Connect

You get a FREE initial consultation on your kitchen remodel. Our staff talk over the issue with you and determine if the project’s scope and budget are feasible. If it looks like a good fit for both sides, our designer comes to you and combs over the site to make sure your goals work with the existing structure. We want to make sure we understand what your current kitchen looks like and where you want to go with it.

Step 2: Scope of Work

Next, we will take your goals for your new kitchen and give you options. We know we have to nail down every detail, from timelines to budgets to schedules, so we have completely open lines of communication. This is particularly important when it comes to remodeling a space as vital to your everyday life as the kitchen. We make sure you completely understand what will be required to get your project from start to finish.

Step 3: Design

Now the fun really starts! We begin the detail-oriented process of designing your new kitchen. We strive to get a lot of decisions made early so the construction process can proceed without any unpleasant surprises along the way. At the end, we present you with permit-ready plans. There is no part of your kitchen that we won’t take into consideration as an opportunity for improvement. With your budget always in mind, we can help you get the counters, appliances, lighting, cabinet layout, or features such as islands that you have always wanted.

Step 4: Contract

Time for the John Hancock. We sign the final paperwork and set payment schedules. We at Londot pride ourselves on our ability to stick to the budget. But we keep an eye open for opportunities to add more value and bring those to the client.

Step 5: Construction

Next, Londot’s master craftsmen get to work on your kitchen remodel. You find out quickly why we spend so much time talking with our clients and making plans. That hard work pays off! It makes the process smooth and free of unpleasant surprises and costs, at least as much a remodel can be. Our project managers are always available to talk to you. You’ll get to watch as your dream kitchen is efficiently constructed within budget.

Open Your Kitchen, Open Your Life

The prevailing trend in kitchen remodeling is the open concept kitchen. Often this joins the kitchen into the dining room and living room for a “great room” on the first floor.

Why has this trend had such staying power over the decades? The speed of modern life. People no longer have time for single-use rooms. Today, both parents are working, the kids are out and about constantly, and no one has time to prep meals during the day. Cooking is a family affair, and homeowners want kitchens that reflect that.

That means they turn to an open concept. Without walls, the chef never feels left out of the action. You can make a meal or clean in the kitchen and help a child with their homework in the dining room. You can watch TV with the family while washing dishes.

More importantly, the open kitchen provides the space for socialization that people crave. The replacing a wall with an island gives you a spot for guests to congregate AND a workspace for helpers in the kitchen.

The open concept kitchen is the most common request Londot hears from New Orleans homeowners, but it’s not the only one. No matter what your idea is, we can help bring it to life. Contact us today to start the process of redefining your home.

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