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Do you need to turn a property around fast? Are you renovating a home in between renters to take advantage of the hot market? Maximizing a property’s potential?

You need a partner who can work on a deadline with an eye on ROI. Londot Design Build has a long history of teaming up with developers to deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

We can even get involved early in the process and offer initial recommendations on properties you’re considering buying.

Londot’s Investment Property Process

Step 1: Connect
It’s as simple as filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Tell us what investment project you’re thinking about, and you’ll connect with a design expert who can help.
Step 2: Scope of Work
We build a collaborative vision of what your project will look like, from prioritizing to budgets. We build the foundation from which your investment property will grow.
Step 3: Design
With the vision set, we get down to the details. Our designers excel in making the most out of your budget and provide value based on prospective buyers’ anticipated needs.
Step 4: Contract
Now that our designs are set and we’ve agreed on the scope, we can schedule and organize production with room to make changes as needed.
Step 5: Construction
Our teams get to work. We keep in constant communication with our investment property partners, so they know exactly what’s going on, and make the necessary decisions when needed.

Add Appeal Fast

Any real estate investor knows that time lost is money lost. You need to move quickly on your new properties to get them ready to rent or sell.

The most important thing is using your scope to eliminate disqualifying characteristics. If you have a feature like a closed kitchen that would make a potential buyer say “absolutely not,” that’s where we focus our efforts.

With a partner helping you plan the design-build for your investment property, you will maximize your ROI and shorten turnarounds, with fewer headaches. Contact us today to find out more.

Other Services at Londot

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Contact us today for a free initial consultation. We believe in creating partnerships with our clients. If you want to know you’re getting what you paid for, and an on-time, on-budget home remodel then Londot Design Build is the team you need. Give us a call and let us bring your dream home into reality.