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We know picking up the pieces after property damage can be a complete nightmare. The bureaucracy of insurance companies makes getting your life back to normal difficult, if not impossible. Home restoration requires an expert who knows how to deal with the trials of disaster remediation, damage reconstruction, and insurance claims.

Don’t leave money on the table by hiring an inexperienced firm that doesn’t know how to write an insurance estimate or what claims to make. Don’t suffer through the emotional anguish of waiting on unresponsive preferred contractors of the insurance companies. Don’t put your family’s life on hold longer than you must.

We respond to home restoration calls promptly and can get to work much faster than you thought possible. You’re far less likely to face barriers or fights with the insurance company with an expert on your side who delivers in the formats that insurers and claims adjusters use.

We strive to make our clients happy, not just their insurance companies. If you’ve had a fire, flood, or other disaster befall your home, contact us today.

"We knew when purchasing our home that we wanted to add something special; something to stand out from other new-construction homes in our Gentilly neighborhood while potentially raising the value of our home. Having a usable space that felt like it expanded the square footage of the livable area of the home was also very important to us. Londot Design Build helped achieve those goals from start to finish. In planning, they assisted with picking out materials that were within our budget but also met our aesthetic dreams. Their team helped us imagine the perfect shed and patio that we wanted, and the end result is a structure that we use presently (practically every day) that has potential to be converted into a fully functioning guest cottage in the future with minimal effort."

-Katie P.

Create the Home of your Dreams

The Home Restoration Process

We use the same process for our home restoration clients that we use for all our clients. Our 5-step process can operate as quickly as home restoration projects require. How does it work?

Step 1: Connect

Fill out the form below or give us a call. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss what happened and what we can do to help. Hopefully, we determine that Londot is a good fit for your home restoration project.

Step 2: Scope of Work

Our experts visit your site to assess the damage and what will need to be done to return your property to like-new condition. We start planning our process for filing claims with your insurance and make sure everything is squared away.

Step 3: Design

Restoration plans require a special touch and knowledge of how to evaluate the damage against old plans of how the home used to be. We can create permit-ready plans that will restore your home to its former glory and get the insurance payments you deserve.

Step 4: Contract

With the design is ready, we get your approval on our new plans and contract. Contrary to what most homeowners think, you do not have to use the insurance company’s preferred vendors! You are entitled to getting your home restored the way you want, not your insurance company’s.

Step 5: Construction

We get to work putting your home back to the way it was or redesigning it, according to your plans and timeline. Because we are a design-build firm, you’ll never find any friction between the designers you planned the project with and the master builders who execute it.

When Disaster Strikes

When you face a disaster, your entire life gets turned upside down. You still have to go to work. You want your children to keep their routines going. But these are tall orders.

After disaster strikes, you have to find your family a new place to live for the time being. You have to assess the damage, and you have a lot of decisions to make.

However, the process of making those decisions is daunting. There are a lot of unknowns for homeowners, and often the insurers seem like the only experts you can talk to. The uncertainty can wear on a family that’s already under a lot of stress.

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A Streamlined Home Restoration

The last thing you want to deal with after a life-altering event is an insurance company. It’s a necessary, but difficult step in the recovery process. All the paperwork, demands and incomprehensible estimates just add to the emotional toll of having a home catch fire or flood.

We’ve handled dozens of home restoration projects and have decades of experience with disaster remediation. We know what the insurance companies need to get claims approved and how to avoid the pitfalls that inexperienced contractors can run into.

And maybe more importantly, we know how to move your project along without large delays. We use Xactimate, an insurance industry standard software that isn’t widely used by other contractors, combined with our own estimator as a check. As a contractor with experience in Xactimate, we give you a huge advantage in the claims process. The smoother things go for the insurer, the smoother they go for you.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Contractors who don’t deal with insurers can make a lot of mistakes. Inexperienced contractors are prone to writing estimates that don’t accurately cover the costs involved. They can even completely miss items that are covered, meaning you don’t get compensated for the value lost.

Regular contractors also may not understand the documentation process. Poor documentation can lead to disputes with the insurer that cause the whole ordeal to last months longer than it should. Properly filling out reports and gathering the right kind of documentation are critical skills in home restoration and one you can’t count on just any contractor to have.

We work closely with the adjusters to share with them accurate market values, type and severity of damage, and quality values. Our main focus is protecting the value of the project for our client, and the best way to do that is by being rigorous in our reporting to the adjuster.

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Home Restoration Done Right

Our decades of experience means you get the job done correctly. Remaking a home after a disaster isn’t a straight-forward process.

For example, a fire may require more specialized knowledge than simply how to replace the ceilings that got burned. You may need structural repairs because of the load those ceilings were holding. You may have water damage from the firefighters, unseen in the walls, that requires water damage mitigation or mold removal.

Not every contractor is capable of doing these things. If they haven’t done it before, they may not even know what needs to be done. There are things that can be missed that will cause problems down the road.

If you’ve experienced a home disaster and need an accomplished home restoration contractor, give us a call. We give FREE initial consultations and can get to work quickly to get your life back on track.

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