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Historic New Orleans Home Preservation

Homeownership is full of ups and downs. Unexpected problems arise all the time. Pipes burst, the weather turns nasty, structures fail. The functionality of your home affects its beauty and comfortability. If something has broken or gone wrong, you won’t feel right until it’s restored. That’s when you need experts in home repair and historic preservation.

Londot isn’t just builders or designers. We are a transparent partner in your home projects. We understand that New Orleans comes with unique problems. Those obstacles can come in the form of storms, settling foundations, or complex historical preservation codes. That’s why you need a local company to work with you. You need an empathetic team that has not only completed projects like yours before, but also has lived the problems themselves.

Londot is that team. We have decades of experience building, repairing, and preserving New Orleans. The Londot process is straightforward and proven. No matter if you need to repair a flooded bathroom, preserve a historical façade, or anything else, we will carefully examine your needs and guide you from design to construction. No home project is easy, that’s why you need someone who can foresee issues ahead of time.

Londot is a New Orleans company, with master designers and craftsmen. First consultations are free, and we’d love to show you why we’re the team for you.

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The Londot Process

At Londot, we focus on transparency and quality work. From the first phone call to the last nail, we keep you informed and offer expert work.

Step 1: Connect

Our initial consultations are free. We want to get to know you and find out what your goals are. This is when you’ll decide if we’re right for your project. If you do, we’ll come out to your property to take a closer look.

Step 2: Scope of Work

Then we start drawing up schedules and budgets. Both parties find out the depth of the work, whether it’s major or minor repairs, or a full historical preservation project. We stay to communicate fully during this step. Transparency is key in any home project.

Step 3: Design

Our designers are thorough. We believe in an extremely detailed design process. That way, we avoid unforeseen problems and find ways to save you money by looking at the work from every angle. Our design team will come to you with plans that are up to code, so your home repairs or preservation project can hit the ground running.

Step 4: Contract

Once you’ve approved our permit-ready designs, we tackle the paperwork. We’ll arrange a payment schedule, and set the goal budget. Our construction crew is experienced and creative, so if they spot a way to save money or add value during the repairs we’ll keep you informed.

Step 5: Construction

Here’s where all of the conversations, planning, and paperwork comes to fruition. Our expert builders and project managers execute the design plan to perfection so your home will be beautiful for generations to come..

Home Repair by Londot

At Londot, we don’t just remodel, we repair too. Homes, new and old alike, get damaged in all sorts of unexpected ways. Any homeowner is familiar with that feeling of dread that comes when something breaks down. Whether it’s a functional or decorative part of your home, the ensuing work needs to not only fix the problem, but also restore your home’s beauty.

In New Orleans, there are all sorts of things that cause damage to homes. Rain and flooding, heat and humidity, old pipes, hard water, and extended power outages. We are a local firm, so we have lived through everything this wonderful city can throw at you. That’s why we’re the designers and builders you need for your home repair project.

We transform flaws into features. Whether you want to simply restore part of your home to its former beauty, or improve upon the original design we’ll get you where you want to go. If you’re looking for a repair, we’ll make sure your home looks as good as new.

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Historical Home Preservation in New Orleans

The city of New Orleans is over 300 years old. Your home may not be quite that old, but this city is filled with beautiful and historically valuable houses. The city and state have implemented laws and strict codes in order to protect the history of the Greater New Orleans Area. These codes can complicate the preservation projects for owners of historical homes. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced design and construction crew working for you.

Londot is not only experienced, but we’re also experienced where it counts: in New Orleans. Our designers are well aware of the laws protecting New Orleans area homes. If you don’t begin with that knowledge, your historical preservation efforts, or renovation projects, can fall into a pattern of starts and stops, or even get shut down entirely.

Our designs are permit-ready. We will keep you informed all the way through the preservation process. We collaborate on the design process, always with your budget firmly in mind, and we let you know why we’re doing what we’re doing. Renovations and preservations are no small task to tackle, especially not in New Orleans. Londot will be your partner on this project, and your home will be better than ever.

It’s always an honor to work on the beautiful older properties in New Orleans. Allow us to help preserve your home with thoughtful design and generational-quality craftsmanship. Contact us today for a free historic home preservation initial consultation!

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Home repairs are inevitable. Things break down, it’s just part of homeownership—maybe in New Orleans especially. In New Orleans, we deal with storms, bad plumbing, old electrical work, extreme humidity. We know, because we’re a local company with decades of experience. No matter what repairs need to be made in your home, you don’t want to be reminded of that experience either. Our master craftsman can repair your home, and restore it to its former glory. Any room, including kitchens and bathrooms, any issue, Londot has the experience to repair your home.

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