Taking the Frustration Out of Home Remodeling

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There are a thousand reasons why you might want to remodel your home. Whether you want to update your home’s look, or repair storm damage you’ll need to trust the people you’re working with. At Londot Design Build, we are familiar not only with designing and implementing our clients’ visions, but we know the ins and outs of doing a home remodel in the Greater New Orleans Area.

We understand the laws, permits, and unique obstacles of remodeling a home here, which is why we know you need someone you can trust.

Every home remodeling project we undertake starts with communication, detailed plans, and expert craftsmanship. If you want one room redone or an entire home overhaul, we can help.

"We knew when purchasing our home that we wanted to add something special; something to stand out from other new-construction homes in our Gentilly neighborhood while potentially raising the value of our home. Having a usable space that felt like it expanded the square footage of the livable area of the home was also very important to us. Londot Design Build helped achieve those goals from start to finish. In planning, they assisted with picking out materials that were within our budget but also met our aesthetic dreams. Their team helped us imagine the perfect shed and patio that we wanted, and the end result is a structure that we use presently (practically every day) that has potential to be converted into a fully functioning guest cottage in the future with minimal effort."

-Katie P.

Create the Home of your Dreams

The Londot Home Remodeling Process

Step 1: Connect

We offer free initial consultations as our first step. We want to find out what your vision is, and come to a decision with you to see if we’re right for your home remodeling job. At Londot Design Build, we believe being upfront is the only way to successfully complete a home remodeling project. After the initial consultation, we can come out to the site to get a more exact idea of the work that needs to be done.

Step 2: Scope of Work

Communication is key in any home remodel. At this point, we give specifics regarding timetables and cost. We want to make sure that your vision and budget are in sync. This is an important step because it’s all about transparency, a principle to which we are absolutely committed.

Step 3: Design

Our designers look at your project from every angle to find the most efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality plan of action for your remodeling project. We build things to last, and that starts with design. Our plans come to you ready to receive a permit and get started on the work. We think creatively about your vision for your home remodel so you get the most out your time and budget.

Step 4: Contract

Next, we’ll sign the final contracts and hammer out details, such as payment plans and deadlines. We can change things on the fly if need be, but we believe starting with a sound plan in place is the best way to approach something as serious as a home remodeling project.

Step 5: Construction
All of the groundwork we’ve laid up until this point through planning and communication comes to fruition in the final step. We have master builders who put together the vision you and our design team have created. We do not cut corners, and we keep an eye out to streamline or improve a project as we go, always with your budget in mind.

Remodeling Your Newly Purchased Home

Location may matter most when choosing your new home in the New Orleans area. What schools are your kids going to? Are you looking to live close to work or commute? Do you want to be part of the action, or have a quiet space for yourself and your family?

Questions like this matter wherever you live, but maybe matter more in New Orleans than anywhere else. New Orleans is a unique city with its own set of joys, challenges, and rules. This is why a home remodel may be what you need to take your purchase from practical to perfect. If you’ve found a home that doesn’t quite meet your vision, but it’s in the right location for the right price, we can help. Your dream home may require a few specific changes or an entire overhaul, and we’re ready and able for any project. If you’re remodeling one room, the flooring, or the entire interior or exterior, we have a full-service team that can get the job done.

If you’re looking to remodel your New Orleans area home, you need people who know how to navigate those challenges. Home remodeling is no small task which is why we at Londot put an emphasis on planning and transparency. We want you to know what’s going on, when, and why.

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Find Your Home’s True Potential Through Remodeling

Have you always looked at your floor and thought “I’d love this room if it wasn’t for that carpet”? Or maybe it’s the wall keeping your kitchen and living room from having a modern open concept. Or maybe it’s the wallpaper or the lack of a bay window.

No matter which particular part or room of your home is holding it back from its full potential, we can help. Londot Design Build can overhaul any part of your house. From floors to walls to bathrooms or kitchens, our team knows how to design and rebuild homes. Period. We believe in a transparent, upfront process when it comes to home remodeling. We use our expertise to help you have your dream home, not to pull one over on you.

A New Life with a Home Remodel

A whole home remodel can give you a completely new way of living. By reorienting, adding rooms, or combining spaces, you can change the entire tenor of the design of a house. Your new home, replete with multi-use spaces that flow freely, will reflect your modern lifestyle.
Londot’s designers love customizing homes to match how our clients want to live. Maybe you need a library nook or a screened-in sunroom. As a New Orleanian, you know the value of a wet bar. Just let us know what you need and watch it come to life.

If your home is in need of a makeover, Londot can be the answer. You need a partner in this process and that’s exactly what we provide.

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Contact us today for a free initial consultation. We believe in creating partnerships with our clients. If you want to know you’re getting what you paid for, and an on-time, on-budget home remodel then Londot Design Build is the team you need. Give us a call and let us bring your dream home into reality.