A Home Addition Fits Your House to Your Lifestyle

three story home with addition

Looking to reshape your home to suit your evolving needs? Would you like to create just a bit more space in your home? Or perhaps you would like more rooms to cater to a growing family? A generational quality home addition is exactly what you need!

Changing lives means changing needs. If you are feeling a little confined, then you may want to explore your options. Home additions offer you the perfect way to maintain your home and location while expanding your internal space.

At Londot Design Build, we help relieve your frustrations with your home. Our No. 1 focus is to help you create a home that it caters to your new needs. We are very familiar with the unique demands of New Orleans homeowners. Whether you want to add an extra room, an entire floor or new structures attached to already existing construction, you can count on us to always deliver!

"We knew when purchasing our home that we wanted to add something special; something to stand out from other new-construction homes in our Gentilly neighborhood while potentially raising the value of our home. Having a usable space that felt like it expanded the square footage of the livable area of the home was also very important to us. Londot Design Build helped achieve those goals from start to finish. In planning, they assisted with picking out materials that were within our budget but also met our aesthetic dreams. Their team helped us imagine the perfect shed and patio that we wanted, and the end result is a structure that we use presently (practically every day) that has potential to be converted into a fully functioning guest cottage in the future with minimal effort."

-Katie P.

Create the Home of your Dreams

The Home Additions Process

We understand that a home addition can be a tedious process. Not only will it change your space, but it also reshapes your mental picture of your home. Our job is to make your new design as functional, in a form that you love. We ensure that with our 5-step process.

Step 1: Connect

We’ve made our contact form the first part of the additions process. Let us know what you’re thinking about, and we’ll have an expert call you for an initial consultation. We need to figure out what the job will take and if we’re a good fit for it.

Step 2: Scope of Work

After a site visit, we work on a list of options and rough prices to give you an idea of how long the project would take and what it would cost. We want to nail down exactly what you’re looking for and communicate clearly to you what will be required.

Step 3: Design

We begin to work on the nitty-gritty details that will make your addition shine. This is the main planning portion of the process, so you want skilled designers like ours on it. With the right plan, your addition construction can come together quickly and correctly.

Step 4: Contract

Now that we’ve got the design set, we can turn to the final contracts. We know what materials we’ll need, how long it will take, and what crew is best suited for the job. Now we need the final sign-off on payment schedules.

Step 5: Construction

Our team of professionals go on-site to build your addition. Throughout this process, we keep you in the loop and provide you with regular updates on the progress of the job.

Why Get a Home Addition?

New chapters of life can bring enormous changes. Whether it’s childbirth, adult children boomeranging back into your home or even having grown-up members of the family move in to age-in-place, home additions are absolutely necessary to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

Your home’s current footprint might not match your needs. If you have a new child on the way and not enough rooms to go around, there’s not a ton that moving walls can do. If you have an adult son or daughter returning home from, for example, a military deployment overseas, you want them to have the independence they deserve. If you’re going to care for an older relative, a lot of the first floor needs to be devoted to their care.

Many of these needs can’t be fulfilled with a home with a small footprint, and there are plenty of those in New Orleans. Sometimes, only an addition will do.

home addition on upper floor of house
colored rendering of home addition

The Home Addition Experts

While there are countless reasons why you may need a home addition, one thing is certain: You want a professional who understands what needs to be done and can deliver exactly what you want.

At Londot Design Build, we have a team of experienced and highly versatile experts who know how to design and build precisely what you’re looking for. Whether you would like to change the entire concept of your home or you want to add an entirely new section, we work with you every step of the way to get the job done.

For us, there is no such thing as an impossible task. We bring you practical and workable designs created to meet the exact style you have in mind. From a more modern open concept look to a retro spacious style, our home additions help set up the atmosphere just the way you like it.

Londot designs and builds to avoid the common frictions between designers and builders. With the two critical components on the same team working on exactly your vision, you won’t run into those typical problems of getting to the construction phase only to find out that the builder doesn’t agree that the designer’s plans will work. At Londot, everyone is on the same page from Day 1.

Your Home Should Reflect Your Values

If you feel like you need a more collaborative space or would like to switch things up and get a common space where all members of the family can interact and connect, then home additions are your best bet.

Rather than looking for a new home, you can maintain the same home and community while getting even more out of the space you already have. At Londot Design Build, we bring you home additions to help reflect your current lifestyle.

This often involves creating larger, more open spaces that can be used at any time for a multitude of things.

For example, a breakfast nook is no longer just for breakfast. A family can huddle around a computer to watch YouTube together in the “breakfast nook”. Siblings can help each other with homework there. The family can make their costumes together in that space. A “breakfast nook” designed with modern life in mind will have room for everything with easy access to other areas of the floor, so people in other rooms can join in.

Does your current floorplan have room for modern comforts like large, multi-purpose rooms? In New Orleans, it’s very unlikely.

If you need more than your home can offer, contact us today for a FREE initial consultation and get the process started.

sunroom addition to house

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