Commercial Construction Pays Off

Custom stage set built for theater

Commercial construction can completely change the earning potential of a property. Whether you’re building out a space, retro-fitting to integrate an older building into a changing neighborhood, or repairing damage, you want to get your property making money again ASAP.

At Londot Design Build, we have years of experience in commercial renovations, buildouts, repairs and even theater sets! Our 5-step process makes certain your new commercial space will fit your or your tenant’s needs. In a rapidly changing city like New Orleans, you can’t afford to put off commercial construction.

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"We knew when purchasing our home that we wanted to add something special; something to stand out from other new-construction homes in our Gentilly neighborhood while potentially raising the value of our home. Having a usable space that felt like it expanded the square footage of the livable area of the home was also very important to us. Londot Design Build helped achieve those goals from start to finish. In planning, they assisted with picking out materials that were within our budget but also met our aesthetic dreams. Their team helped us imagine the perfect shed and patio that we wanted, and the end result is a structure that we use presently (practically every day) that has potential to be converted into a fully functioning guest cottage in the future with minimal effort."

-Katie P.

Create the Home of your Dreams

5 Steps to Efficient Commercial Construction

We stick with our 5-step process during our commercial projects. Effective and continual communication is the cornerstone of excellent commercial construction, and our process establishes that.

Step 1: Connect

You can start the process on this very page. Fill out your information below to claim a FREE initial consultation. We’ll talk over the broad strokes of your commercial construction project and decide together if Londot is the right fit for your project.

Step 2: Scope of Work

Our commercial construction experts visit your site and get a detailed look at what needs to be done. We want to synthesize your goals, timelines, and budget to craft a realistic plan that we can execute in a reasonable timeframe.

Step 3: Design

Our design team brings innovative solutions to your project that bring your vision to life. We offer a slate of choices that balance design, function, and budget. The final result will be ready for permits and shovels.

Step 4: Contract

With the design set, we sign the final contracts laying out the final budgets and timelines. We pride ourselves on working hard to stick to both because no one benefits from blown budgets or delayed timelines.

Step 5: Construction

Our master craftsmen get to work on your site. You’ll have an open line of communication to your project manager throughout the entire process, and we’re always happy to discuss the process as it unfolds.

Commercial Retrofits

New Orleans is constantly evolving. Ten years ago, Frenchman Street was where the locals went to have a good time away from disruptive tourists. Now, it’s featured in every tour guide and full of drunk out-of-towners. The Bywater, long a forgotten afterthought full of abandoned warehouses, these days is home to a growing community of young professionals and artists, eager to live “more authentic” lifestyles.

Commercial property owners have to keep themselves aware of the shifting personalities of New Orleans. Owners can get left behind if they’re caught flat-footed.

We set design-focused goals that retain the desirable characteristics of the building while repurposing it for completely new uses, a process known as adaptive reuse. This integrates older buildings into neighborhoods that have developed in a new direction.

Through adaptive reuse, we can take unprofitable space and turn it into a money maker.

At Londot, we’re well-versed in New Orleans’ codes and requirements, which play maybe the biggest role in adaptive reuse projects.

When you search for a contractor to handle your commercial retrofit, you need to look for one that has the experience necessary to foresee issues that commonly arise. Older buildings use different materials, HVAC, electrical. If these issues are going to arise during a retrofit project, you need to know as soon as possible and plan around them.

If you have a warehouse in a changing neighborhood that would make a great set of lofts or an industrial facility that could be a hip hangout, give us a call. Our innovative design-build process can help from the conception of the project to the final nail.

closeup of bar in restaurant
commercial repair for bar and restaurants

Commercial Repair

Is your commercial property deteriorating after years of continual use? Has a recent fire or flood hampered your ability to rent out your space? Our experts have years of experience dealing with disaster reconstruction, wear-and-tear repairs, and insurance claims.

When a commercial space is out of commission, you lose so much more than the cost of the repairs. Every day it isn’t working for you is money flushed down the drain.

Don’t wait on the slow bureaucracy of an insurance company. We can get repair projects moving smoothly by presenting plans in formats the insurance companies use and filling out claims paperwork exactly as they want them.

When you need to repair a property quick, you need a contractor like Londot with a proven record of working hand-in-hand with insurers for a result that makes everyone happy.

Commercial Build Outs

Whether you’re a landlord with a tenant improvement agreement or you’re a tenant who has approval to make a space you’re leasing suit your needs, we are here for you.

If you’re a landlord who has an improvement agreement with an incoming tenant that requires you to manage the build out, you want to get the job done to specifications and on time. You have to give your tenant a turnkey project that meets the agreement. These agreements can micromanage your commercial build out to the point of dictating the number of outlets and types of doors.

The execution of the agreement can make or break the building’s profitability. A landlord needs a partner who knows how to hit a budget and can guide them through the decision-making needed to execute the complexity of commercial construction with multiple stakeholders involved.

The landlord also has to worry about the quality of the new construction. Improvement agreements often include requirements about the condition of the final product. So on top of budget and timeline constraints, the job needs to meet expectations for everyone involved.

We have extensive experience hitting obligations from multiple parties on the same contract. We strive for problem-free build outs that leave everyone satisfied.

If you’re a tenant who’s been granted the ability to control the build-out yourself, it’s a high risk, high reward situation. The endeavor can cost you a whole lot of time and money, and all that for a building that you don’t own.

But if you have a location that’s perfect for your business, it can all be worth it. If you have a location that needs specific, niche build out work to get it to money-making shape, you need to call the experts.

If you have any build outs, repairs or retrofits in your future, give us a call. We give FREE initial consultations and can handle any aspect of a commercial construction project.

skylight and metal beams in office building

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